Got words?

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Want shared understanding?

Our goal: To equip you to set up your words so that people can read them on mobile devices and research them in the cloud.


Conventional search is good when a quick answer is all that is needed. Precision filtered search is better when the need is to gain understanding. High powered research tools in the cloud move shared understanding much further; you get to see computer-suggested patterns plus the concerns and interests of other people as they explore your text content. Under your control, patterns and themes emerge from your collection of words.


If you want your content even more widely accessible, it may be added to a growing "collection of collections", in the same manner as the 4,000 books featured above.

Here's how.

We are releasing documentation and tools over an extended beta period. So long as you are operate in do-it-yourself mode, for at least the rest of 2014 the released programs are free. Prepare some text data collections yourself; share them if you wish. We support your try-out with worked examples and how-to step-by-step guidelines.


Do it for others: Organizations want to get their words out there for people to read, to understand, to make decisions. MarpX ReadNResearch (TM) tools are designed with the needs of text content owners and publishers in mind. It's free now. After the beta period, license fees will be moderate.


In the longer term, some may wish to make a business of it. That makes sense. Every day brings a torrent of more words. People's need to access meaningful content is not going to go away any time soon. License the software, service the needs of a diverse range of organizations who want to stay focused on their mission and strengths. If you have software skills, so much the better. C++ source code for many of the preparation tools will be released under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licenses. We don't have time to pursue the fine detail of every file design, but you may profit from what we have done. You are free to improve upon our work in the service of others.