Got words?

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Want shared understanding?

Our goal: To equip you to set up your words so that people can read them on mobile devices and research them in the cloud.


Conventional search is good when a quick answer is all that is needed. Precision filtered search is better when the need is to gain understanding. High powered research tools in the cloud move shared understanding much further; you get to see computer-suggested patterns plus the concerns and interests of other people as they explore your text content. Under your control, patterns and themes emerge from your collection of words.


If you want your content even more widely accessible, it may be added to a growing "collection of collections", in the same manner as the 4,000 books featured above.

Here's how.

Service is provided through The Ridgefield Group, 2709 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville OH 43952. The contact person is Stephen Feher, Vice President Internet Consulting Services, phone 740 264-2641 X 107, email sfeher [at]


You will be asked to zip together either sample files or entire collections -- HTML, PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, Word Perfect, whatever -- and upload them through an account that we open for you. We will examine your files and specifications of your needs, and respond with a quotation.


If you desire, we will set up your account so that you can use the tools and guidance we provide so that you may enjoy low cost do it yourself creation of research indexes and ebooks for your future needs.