Marpex Inc. Wins International Award

First place in the 2016 competition for "Excellence in Web and eBook Indexing" by the Web and Electronic Indexing SIG (special interest group) was awarded to Dr. Doug Lowry of Marpex Inc. for his work on Catholic Q&A. The competition was open to members of indexing societies in the U. S., Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and China. 2016 marks the first year that the award has been won in the United States. See the news release for detail.

MarpX Masters Digital Publishing


If you are a major publisher seriously committed to digital distribution of learning content, we have an opportunity for you. We can teach and mentor your technical staff to apply the range of our technologies, and help you better achieve your strategic digital publishing goals.

Would you like to lead the pack in educational ebooks? We will coach your staff to build our precision search right into the apps used by your customers to learn from your publications.

Would you like to monetize electronically all the content that your firm has ever published? Our technology has the strength to enable your prospects to find the content most meaningful to them, with full control, within trillions of words and beyond. By the way, make sure you put a "buy now" button beside each snippet displayed!

Marpex Inc. is a research house with a focus on getting at meaning. Meaning matters! Whether within individual ebooks or within petabytes of text data, students and researchers want meaningful results when they look for information.

Conventional search produces a superabundance of false hits. Conventional "big data" text mining is notoriously inefficient. The problem with both is a failure in precision.

MarpX technology overcomes these problems by paying attention to the nature of language. People share ideas by saying or writing words. Meaning hinges on the relationship of words with one another. Order of those words matters. Closeness of words to one another matters. In order to assure meaningful research results, MarpX:

  1. tracks how close words are to one another, even in massive collections;
  2. tracks the hierarchy of headings at every point, recognizing their contribution to context and meaning;
  3. keeps its search targets small -- never more than one hundred words, since (non-heading) words over 100 words apart are not meaningful;
  4. keeps the user in control (examples: how many words apart, zero to 99);
  5. [current development focus:] displays vocabulary with frequencies and offers choice of individual words, stem groups, synonym groups, phrases, inexact phrases, fielded terms, numeric ranges, even back-of-the-book index entries;
  6. uses super-efficient techniques behind the scenes (example: bit tree design and Boolean operations); and
  7. produces innovative methods (example: interactive single-touch themes within an ebook coupled with online search -- first place award in the international Web and Electronic Indexing SIG for 2016).

ASI member

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Email Colonel John Scott, Esq. phone 740 275-4505.

Technical contact: Email Dr. Douglas Lowry.

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