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MarpX Privacy


Imagine away the symmetric key management problem. Imagine that you can have keys of any strength you wish ... a thousand bits, a hundred thousand bits, whatever. Imagine you can encrypt content once, then encrypt that encrypted version again, a different way, then encrypt that again in yet another way ... and so on, as much as you wish.

Question: How would the People's Liberation Army Unit 61398 go about decrypting your content?

End of thought experiment. Back to reality. Below is a link to a book in process, together with Windows C++ source code. It starts at a mere 12,288 bits, and only re-shreds the content 32 times. Toward the end it explains how to scale that up as needed. The symmetric key management problem? Yes, that is gone; see U.S. Patent No. 10,637,837, and/or a proof of concept program, linked below.

A Little Privacy for the Little Guy

Computer-savvy methods
to obstruct totalitarian
surveillance of ideas

PDF book as of October 19, 2020.
Chapter 11 has been rewritten. A temporary chapter 12 has been added to invite feedback.
All content subject to revision based on feedback.

Source code released for chapters 4 - 9, also selected utilities

Program, to old specs, InstallShield pack

Program, to old specs, self-extracting Zip

VOLUNTEER WANTED: Proficient cryptanalyst to evaluate methods presented in later chapters of A Little Privacy for the Little Guy.

SECOND VOLUNTEER WANTED: Technical writer to suggest improvements to A Little Privacy for the Little Guy as successive chapters are released. Familiarity with Visual Studio C++ an asset.

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