Cyberian Tiger

Products and Services

One or more of these areas may be of interest to you:

  1. Your personal privacy: Cyberian™

  3. Your organization's security: Cyberian™ Tiger

  5. National security: Extreme Encryption, Pryvit

  7. Precision research: MarpX research engine

  9. Technology transfer: Embed our cybersecurity and research technologies in your products

Privacy Goals Achieved

In its research, patent application, and development, we believe we have fully achieved each of the following goals. The overall purpose is to make life extremely difficult for hackers of messages and files. You are invited to judge the success and the quality of these endeavors!

  1. Destroy all meaningful patterns in data.

  3. Resist brute force attacks. Make attacks difficult with CYBERIAN™ products, render brute force attacks impossible ("computationally infeasible") with Extreme Encryption.

  5. Blindfold the hacker.

  7. Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.

  9. Add research capability (search and text data mining) to encrypted content.

  11. Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat.

  13. Be socially responsible. Balance the needs of privacy and national security.

Collaboration Goals

Marpex Inc. offers technology transfer in the form of C++ source code, documentation, contribution to team design, marketing suggestions, and mentoring of software engineers, toward the following ends:

  1. Secure, yet researchable, email: We seek a joint venture with an email provider to secure an individual's current messages, and to make all past emails fully searchable while simultaneously retaining total security of the email archive. Organization-wide collections of such emails can be similarly secure, yet open to authorized pattern discovery and data mining.

  3. Research-capable cloud-based backup system: Joint venture with a major cloud storage provider to make personal and corporate archives secure in the cloud, with added ability for authorized users to identify documents of interest and to detect meaning clusters. Research while encrypted!

  5. Serve government security needs: We seek a joint venture with a technically competent cybersecurity firm with the experience and stamina to sell Extreme Encryption products to the U.S. government and to its major contracted suppliers.

  7. Full partnership: Marpex Inc. is open to full collaboration with a cybersecurity-aware firm with technical and marketing strength. This process may start with porting the Cyberian™, Extreme Encryption, Pryvit, and search / research technologies to a wide range of operating systems and devices, then bringing them to prominence in the marketplace.



Contact us: If collaboration is of serious interest to your organization, please get in touch. Options are:

  • Phone Colonel John Scott, Esq. at 740 275-4505.
  • Send email (without links, please) to
  • Write by regular mail to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438.
Thank you.