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Privacy for your files and messages

Quantum-proof Extreme Encryption™ for U.S. national security

The MarpxPrivacy for Windows program may be downloaded for free by anyone in the world. Illustrated pages here online explain how to use the program. See especially page 010 What is MarpX Privacy? and page 120 Automatic Keys. Neither hackers nor your mother-in-law will be able to get at your files or messages in any hurry. It would take them 111,000 years to try every possible key at the rate of one trial per second. And another 111,000 years for the next message or file. That's not bad privacy, especially when it's free. By the way, free means free ... no money and none of your personal information is required. Why free? Because we at Marpex Inc. want to make mass surveillance of people's thoughts and ideas a thing of the past. When large numbers of people use MarpxPrivacy, mass thought surveillance becomes far too expensive for any regime. Making the program truly free is our way of asserting the dignity of every human person.

Extreme Encryption™ is an upgrade to MarpxPrivacy. Each Extreme Encryption™ PET (Private Exchange Tool) file enables a person to set up in seconds a confidant relationship which enables you and a colleague / friend / team to exchange files and messages for years to come -- with no concern about keys, and with no worries about Quantum Computing getting strong enough to break into your content. These upgrades to MarpxPrivacy may be purchased by U.S. organizations at https://BuyExtremeEncryption.com.

Both MarpxPrivacy and Extreme Encryption™ are based on our U.S. Patent No. 10,505,715. The technology that makes keys unnecessary is based on our patent application 16,698,246. If you are interested in how either works, we have published a book, Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!: How Extreme Encryption Works available for $9.99 ebook and $15.99 print at Amazon.com.







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