Access to Meaning

Our solution: The simplicity, convenience, and speed of...

  • a back-of-the-book index
  • in the form of an ebook
  • using a standard ebook reader app
  • on a phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

What's new and interesting about that? We offer back-of-the-book indexes for...


  • Big Data text collections
  • and books already in print
  • as well as for new books.

In Big Data

Library of books

See a sample of our work at, where Marpex Inc. techology and crowd sourcing come together to introduce an entirely new product category.


The end user looks for the instances in a vast collection of text that best focus on a particular concept or person or event or place. Think of it as access to research done in advance. The user does not need to know anything about taxonomies or library-style complex search or research methods. At a single touch, there is up to fifty snippets of text with words highlighted in color to demonstrate why each passage is of interest. Along with each snippet is a link that, when touched, takes the user to the full document.


Pain-free research. Convenience. Speed. A phone or tablet is transformed into a powerful research tool.

Post-publication indexes

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Printed books are usually published under tight time constraints. A back-of-the-book index cannot be completed until page numbers are finalized. If time is too tight, the result is either an unsatisfactory index or no index at all.


Periodicals by their nature cannot be indexed properly until after multiple issues have been published.


Post-publication ebook indexes present a neat solution to this problem. They work exactly as above, with an added copyright-protected option in which only highlighted words and headings are readable; all other words are reduced to Xes (as in xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx).

Conventional book and ebook indexes

Clement of Rome and the Didache

Yes, we do conventional indexes as well. If you are an established publisher, tell us your needs and we will provide you with a free ebook copy of Clement of Rome and the Didache by Dr Ken Howell. (Marpex staff created the primary index plus the index of Greek terms.) Our interests are in management, history, theology, and emergency medicine. Our emphasis in on quality rather than speed; we believe in doing things well.

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