Cybersecurity -- a three-fold revolution

  1. Plain English: Privacy for you, under your control, with point and click simplicity. Cyber Geek: We have turned symmetric keys into a secure, invisible, and for the first time hassle-free means of encryption;
  2. Plain English: U.S. national security types with a court order can decipher bad guys' messages and files, while having to respect lawful users' privacy. Cyber Geek: Our technology successfully combines a "front door" with extreme strength encryption. Lawful access requires collaboration among three parties, equipped with resources that are out of hackers' reach.
  3. Plain English: China is pouring resources into Quantum computers, in the hope that it will let nation state hackers have a field day with American secrets and messages. Beijing, you have a problem. We can scale our defenses up far faster than you can build your attacks. Cyber Geek: Quantum computing grows only exponentially; our Extreme Encryption can be scaled upward at vastly greater (factorial) speed.

Patents by Marpex Inc. of Steubenville, Ohio:   10,637,837   10,505,715   7,433,893   6,757,699

"God, it is you who have accomplished all that we have done." - Isaiah 26:12 *

MarpX Privacy

November 27, 2039

Can you wait until then? It should be a good day. The scare of January 19, 2038 will be in the past. (That's the next Y2K event in the computer world; ask any wide awake Computer Science student.) On November 27, 2039 Keyless Encryption comes into the public domain. You can save a bit of money if you wait patiently till then. Incidentally, I don't plan to be there to help you celebrate.

April 28, 2020

The United States Patent and Trademark Office did an outstanding job in processing a patent application dated November 27, 2019 into a released Patent No. 10,637,837 on April 28, 2020. This patent's title is Method and system to secure human and also Internet of Things communications through automation of symmetric encryption key management.

Multiple choice question for you: What is the significance of Patent 10,637,837 to privacy, cryptography, and the cybersecurity industry?

  1. obliteration, annihilation, and extinction of the traditional symmetric key management problem;
  2. opportunities for firms to license and embed powerful encryption methods in their software;
  3. utter simplicity plus control for end users of encryption products;
  4. an opening for symmetric key encryption methods to lead the way in overcoming the quantum computer hacking threat;
  5. modest royalties to Marpex Inc. of Steubenville, Ohio;
  6. all of the above.

I admit a certain partiality to choice 5 above, but that may be biased.

If you think that the correct answer is 6, all of the above, and if these developments could be important to you in your work, please contact Stephen Feher at 740 317-4847. Thanks.










Privacy for your files and messages

Extreme Encryption™ for Quantum-proof security

Full Speed Ahead...

The original MarpxPrivacy for Windows program may be downloaded for free by anyone in the world. Neither hackers nor your mother-in-law will be able to get at your files or messages in any hurry. It would take them 111,000 years to try every possible key at the rate of one trial per second. And another 111,000 years for the next message or file. That's not bad privacy, especially when it's free. By the way, free means free ... no money and none of your personal information is required. Why free? Because we at Marpex Inc. want to make mass surveillance of people's thoughts and ideas a thing of the past. When large numbers of people use MarpxPrivacy, mass thought surveillance becomes far too expensive for any regime. Making the program truly free is our way of asserting the dignity of every human person.

Extreme Encryption™ is vastly stronger... so strong that we have included a national security lawful access feature. (Don't worry; no court is going to authorize access to your content unless either the FBI or the police can gather persuasive evidence that you are intent on real harm to the rest of us.) Right now, we are looking for a few leading cybersecurity and national security people to try out an alpha version of Extreme Encryption™. If you qualify, please contact Steve Feher at 740 317-4847.

The MarpxPrivacy products including Extreme Encryption™ are based on our U.S. Patent No. 10,505,715. The technology that makes keys unnecessary is based on our U.S. Patent No. 10,637,837. If you are interested in how either works, we have published a book, Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!: How Extreme Encryption Works available for $9.99 ebook and $15.99 print at

* Don't imagine that you can detect an American political posture in the Isaiah quote. It is simply a recognition of reality and an expression of gratitude from one who after 28 years of U.S. citizenship remains devoutly Canadian through each U.S. election year.
-- Doug Lowry