September 9, 2019

Use this link for now to access the second edition of Full Speed Ahead
and Damn the Qubits: How Marpx Extreme Encryption Works

Upgrade of the free MarpX Privacy program to 3.5 trillion key strength is
scheduled for next week with addition of auto-key selection to follow.

Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!

How Marpx Extreme Encryption Works

Newly released Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits! describes in a light teaching style how MarpX Extreme Encryption™ Works. The claim: Here is privacy protection so powerful that it can utterly block hacking of computer files and messages for decades into the future, no matter how powerful conventional or quantum computers may become.


If you stayed awake in your high school math classes, chances are by reading this book you can understand how this method can provide security for your organization and privacy for you.


The $9.99 ebook and the $15.99 print book present a challenge to everyone from cybersecurity professionals to undergraduate Computer Science students: Kick the tires, try out the software, see whether it lives up to its audacious claims. For those who want technical detail, there are two appendices which describe the entire processes of encryption and decryption.


Cryptographers and Computer Science students: Chapter Four explains a neat way to remedy the key management peoblem. See the Table of Contents.

Not everyone believes in your privacy...

... but we do!

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