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Extreme Encryption is ultra-strength privacy software that protects computer files of any kind whatsoever, whether stored locally or transmitted into the cloud. Messages are similarly kept totally private. The software is based on a patent application by Marpex Inc. submitted in November, 2017. It is designed for total resistance to hackers of any description, even to those with formidable computer resources and complete familiarity with the method. Anyone who does not have the unique custom algorithm and its key cannot by brute force attack recover the original content of a privatized file or message.


While the technology could be applied to virtually any tablet, phone, or computer, the first release in 2019 will be for Windows personal computers. For greatest security, the program is intended for use on a Windows PC that is not connected to the Internet.


Extreme Encryption will be shipped to customers by priority mail on a flash drive. The product is not for export. Distribution is limited to customers in the United States who do not appear personally or within entities in the government's Consolidated Screening List.


Regular Extreme Encryption includes 1500 custom algorithms, and retails at $1495.00, shipping included. A "Try Out" version retails at $49.95; it includes five custom algorithms. For greater security, each algorithm is individually encrypted using a seven character key. The purchaser retains total control over who is given access to what algorithm. For maximum security, each algorithm should be used only once for encryption. An algorithm may be used for encryption at any point during the life of the program (full version, one year; try out version, 50 days). The same algorithms can be used into the indefinite future for decryption / restoration of the original files and messages.


Privacy Goals Achieved


In our research, development, and 2017 patent application, we believe we have fully achieved each of the following goals. The overall purpose is to make life extremely difficult for hackers of messages and files. You are invited to judge the success and the quality of these endeavors!


  1. Destroy all meaningful patterns in data (in technical terms, "high entropy" results).

  3. Resist brute force attacks. Make attacks difficult with MarpX Privacy™, render brute force attacks impossible ("computationally infeasible") with Extreme Encryption™.

  5. Blindfold the hacker.

  7. Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.

  9. Add research capability (search and text data mining) to encrypted content.

  11. Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat. This is huge. We have done it.


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