October 2018 -- Free Use of New Privacy Technology

Look at the Site Map to see lots of information on MarpXPrivacy. Check the current status page and download the free MarpX Privacy Level One.

Products and Services

One or more of these areas may be of interest to you:

  1. Citizen privacy: MarpX Privacy™ serving the dignity of the human person

  3. National security: Marpx Privacy™ for Government which includes Extreme Encryption at full strength, serving security needs of the United States and Canada

  5. Precision search and research: MarpX research engine

  7. Technology licenses: Embed our cybersecurity and research technologies in your products


Privacy Goals Achieved

In our Extreme Encryption research, development, and patent application, we believe we have fully achieved each of the following goals. The overall purpose is to make life extremely difficult for hackers of messages and files. You are invited to judge the success and the quality of these endeavors!

  1. Destroy all meaningful patterns in data.

  3. Resist brute force attacks. Make attacks difficult with MarpX Privacy™ products, render brute force attacks impossible ("computationally infeasible") with Extreme Encryption.

  5. Blindfold the hacker.

  7. Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.

  9. Add research capability (search and text data mining) to encrypted content.

  11. Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat. This is huge. We have done it.

  13. Be socially responsible. Balance the needs of privacy and national security.


Primary Current Objective -- Collaboration

The Site Map connects to an Elevator Speech and to pages featuring three levels of potential collaboration:

  1. Work with software firms to embed Marpex Inc. technologies in their offerings, everything from email to cloud based storage;
  2. Invite angel or first tranche venture capital to speed to market our technologies on multiple platforms (phones, tablets, Apple computers) with a view to ramping up valuation of the firm; and
  3. Seek full partnership to achieve sustainability for our technologies plus full access to government markets for cybersecurity.


Contact us: If collaboration is of serious interest to your organization, please get in touch. Options are:

Thank you.


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