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United States and Canada Only -- Not for Export


Decide whether you want administrator rights:

Screen shots below are based on a mix of browsers. There are moderate differences in the download process depending on whether you are using Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. We will point out a few differences.


On a single user computer, getting administrator rights comes down to being able to right click on the setup file, in this case MarpxPrivacySetup.exe. Some browsers make this quite easy; others require some ingenuity! If you have easy access to administrator rights, do choose that option even if you are installing on a flash drive or portable disk. If your browser presents problems OR if you are running a computer controlled by a system administrator, in the short run you are better to install to a flash drive.


The first step: Read the how-to instructions below for the download.

The second step: Click on the Download button immediately below:

The third step: Read the installation instructions before installing. Otherwise, "27555" will give you grief. Success depends on knowing what to expect.

MarpX Privacy United States and Canada only -- not for export


If that is a problem for you, please contact me at dlowry [AT]
There are more good things to come. Thank you for your patience.

If you use Internet Explorer, you will see:



The bar across the bottom gives you an easy choice. If you select Run, you will not have administrator rights, and you will be taken directly to the first action in the installation.


Click on Save if you want administrator rights. Then you will see...



In the above screen, click on Open folder, and you will be given the following opportunity to highlight MarpxPrivacySetup.exe.



Right click on MarpxPrivacySetup.exe and you will find yourself at the start of the installation process. That's all there is to downloading with Internet Explorer.


If you use Mozilla FireFox:

You may or may not need to click on the blue Downward arrow near the upper right of the FireFox screen before you are shown:



Click on Save. You are shown a list of downloads. Highlight MarpxPrivacySetup.exe.



If you right click on MarpxPrivacySetup.exe, near the top is a choice to Run as administrator. Click on that to have rights. If you instead left click on MarpxPrivacySetup.exe, you will run the installation without administrator rights. Either way, you will find yourself at the start of the installation process.


If you use Chrome:

Before clicking on the Download button, the Chrome screen looks like this:



After clicking, a bar appears at the bottom left of the screen:



Left click on the caret ^ character that follows MarpxPrivacySetup.exe. A temporary pop-up offers a chance to view the files in the Downloads directory. Left click on that.



The correct line is already highlighted. All you have to do is right click on that line, and select "Run as administrator". You will find yourself at the start of the installation process.


In general:

No matter what browser you use, get into the habit of right clicking things. Usually there is a pop-up message of some sort. If it says "Run as administrator", you are on your way. Other pop-ups may open the way to viewing the directory which contains the installation pack, MarpxPrivacySetup.exe. Choose accordingly, then right click if the opportunity is offered.


In worst case, simply run the installation without rights, but load the result onto a flash drive, and not the PC's hard drive.


When ready, go to the installation process.


MarpX Privacy