Get a Copy of MarpX Privacy


The traditional way plus some neat new ways to use the app

  1. The traditional approach is to run a Windows app directly on a PC. That works. You will need administrator rights to install the app.
  2. You will get much more value from the MarpX Privacy app if it is installed on a USB flash drive. Then you can plug the flash drive into almost any Windows PC. You don't need administrator rights to install the app. You have on the flash drive space where you can freely encrypt and decrypt files and messages. This does not interfere with the security of a PC.
  3. You could even install the app on a portable hard disk. There's a lot of good things you can do for privacy with a portable terabyte drive.
  4. Better yet, you have our permission to install MarpX Privacy as many times as you wish in all three ways -- PC hard disks, USB flash drives, portable hard disks. Without a license, the app's Level One provides significant privacy protection at no charge. Purchase a Level Two or Level Three license and you can enjoy really solid privacy and share private stuff securely with more people -- always with only the people you want.


Installation options

  1. No installation needed: Purchase one or more up-to-date USB flash drives, pre-loaded with MarpX Privacy, from The Ridgefield Group [LINK TO FOLLOW]. Plug one into the USB port. You are ready to make messages and files private. You can skip the steps below.
  2. One easy step, no installation required: Borrow an up-to-date MarpX Privacy flash drive from some one else. Copy the app. It's perfectly okay; you have our permission and encouragement! Here is how to make a copy. You can skip the steps below.
  3. Download the app from the Internet and install it onto an empty USB flash drive or portable hard disk. Follow the steps below; you will be told which actions and screen shots to skip.
  4. Download the app from the Internet. Ensure that you have administrator rights, and install it onto your Windows PC. Follow the steps below.


Installation steps

Each step is linked to a page with screen shots and explanation.

  1. Uninstall MarpX Privacy.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Verify permission to write files.
  5. Test drive the app.

MarpX Privacy