Marpx Privacy Level One

With Marpx Privacy™ Level One, each of the five digits in a key can be selected in ten different ways. 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 amounts to one hundred thousand different keys to try. That would take work, probably enough to make most snoops and data harvesters think twice about even trying to figure out what key you used to privatize a file or message. A snoop of course is a person busily minding your own business. A data harvester is more often a company that provides you with a "free" service, hoping tht you will not be distressed as it picks up all kinds of details about you, and makes money in the process.


From whom does Marpx Privacy™ Level One protect your information? Mainly from everybody out there who don't feel that it is worth their time and effort to try up to 100,000 different keys to get at your content. If you are annoyed at petty intrusions into your affairs, this will slow them down.


Marpx Privacy™ Level One is free and it provides some reasonable amount of privacy for much of your messages and files. Apart from a small difference in the keys, it works exactly like Levels Two and Three. Any time you wish, you may purchase a license code that will secure even greater protection of your privacy.


Level One lets you archive files. You can also exchange messages with other folk who have the Marpx Privacy™ program.


How to Get a Copy of MarpX Privacy


MarpX Privacy