Privacy and Cyberian Lyte

Three Levels of Privacy Protection

CYBERIAN levelType of keyExample of keyCount of possible keys
CYBERIAN LYTE 3 digits + yyyy (year) 0722018103 = 1 thousand
CYBERIAN7 digits2754505107 = 10 million
CYBERIAN TIGER7 letters or digitsC42QZE8367 = 78 billion

These three privacy protection programs look and feel very much alike. The only differences to be seen are the heading and the description of the keys that you may use. The big difference among the three levels shows up in the last column of the table above-- the count of possible keys. That count really matters.


CYBERIAN™ LYTE -- the extended free trial version

With CYBERIAN™ LYTE, each of the first three digits in a key can be selected in ten different ways. 10 X 10 X 10 amounts to one thousand different keys to try. That's really not very much protection. What's the point of that?


From whom does CYBERIAN™ LYTE protect your information? Mainly from data harvesters out there who don't feel that it is worth their time and effort to try up to a thousand different keys to get at your content. If you are annoyed at petty intrusions into your affairs, this will slow them down.


The main point: CYBERIAN™ LYTE is free! That gives you a chance to try out the program. Apart from a small difference in the keys, it works exactly like CYBERIAN™ and CYBERIAN™ TIGER. If you find it simple to use, you can move up to the more powerful privacy programs for serious protection of your privacy.


The free version lets you archive files. You can also exchange messages with other folk who have the same edition of CYBERIAN™ LYTE, or with anyone who has either CYBERIAN™ or CYBERIAN™ TIGER. The free version works, so long as the last four digits of the key are the current year.


Download of free Windows version.

Monday, July 30, 2018: Code signing is working; any download from us shows the publisher as Marpex Inc. Some browsers and security systems report that executables by Marpex Inc. are not yet well enough known. If you have concerns about security, look up "Marpex Inc. Steubenville" on your favorite search engine. We stand behind the integrity of downloads and programs that we create. I am Douglas Lowry, President of Marpex Inc., and I approve of this message. That being said, click to download and install a Windows copy of Cyberian Lyte.


Return to the above paragraph sometime past mid-December if you should want a replacement annual edition.


FAQ # 1: What if I protect the privacy of a file using the 2018 version, then that version expires. How do I get back my file next year? Get a one month license for Cyberian. (That costs less than half a pack of cigarettes.) So long as you know the key, Cyberian can decrypt any file from any yearly version of Cyberian Lyte. If you are on a spend-no-money-whatsoever budget, then the trick is to decrypt everything in December and re-encrypt them in January using the new version. There's a period of overlap around Christmas and New Year when Cyberian Lyte for both years both are available. Remove the privacy protection with the old version. Put on new privacy protection with the new version. You are all set for another year.

Cyberian Tiger