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MarpX Privacy

The User Experience

Let's assume you have MarpX Privacy installed on a flash drive.

If you want your content to be more secure, disconnect the computer from the Internet while you attend to private matters. Want more security? Drag that old Windows XP computer out of your closet, plug it in, but never attach it to the Internet. Still more security? MarpX Privacy offers multiple levels of protection.


Multiple Levels of Privacy Protection

Marpx Privacy levelType of keyExample of keyCount of possible keys
Marpx Privacy Level One 5 digits 07220105 = 100 thousand
Marpx Privacy Level Two7 digits2754505107 = 10 million
Marpx Privacy Level Three7 capital letters or digitsC42QZE8367 = 78 billion
Marpx Privacy for Government7 letters or digits OR one time keysC42qZe8627 = 3.5 trillion OR > 10100

The focus here is on the three levels of protection offered by MarpX Privacy™. The separate government version is listed in the above table for comparison. All the levels look and feel very much alike. The only differences to be seen are the heading and the description of the keys that you may use. The big difference among the levels shows up in the last column of the table above-- the count of possible keys. That count really matters.


Here are some notes on the three levels:


... and notes on specialty applications:


How to Get a Copy of MarpX Privacy


MarpX Privacy