Collaborating as Full Partners

Marpex Inc. would give serious consideration to a partnership with a view to full sharing of Marpex technologies and a possible eventual buyout.


MIT's Sloan School of Management prides itself on fostering creative multi-disciplinary problem solving skills. Our key man, Doug Lowry, holds a Ph.D. from Sloan along with training in the liberal arts (including six languages), theology, and emergency medicine. His management background led to 17 years service as an officer of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, founding president of Digital Video Systems (bought out by Scientific Atlanta), Chief Scientist of Reteaco Inc., inventor of the original FindIt CD-ROM search engine in 1984, and tenured Professor of Business and Marketing at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio for a dozen years. He was sole inventor for U.S. Pryvit privacy patent 6,757,699, MarpX precision search patent 7,433,893, and Extreme Encryption patent application 15/816865 dated November 2017.


We could elaborate at length about the values and perspectives that Marpex Inc. would bring to a joint endeavor. For now, let's sum it up simply as servant marketing ... the customer's needs at the center, service with excellence as the bottom line.


Marpex Inc. brings to the table technology transfer in the form of C++ source code, documentation, contribution to team design, marketing suggestions, and mentoring of software engineers.


What would you bring to the table? If your organization brings integrity, a service orientation, high reputation in the cybersecurity ecosystem, quality marketing and software teams, and resources and experience in relevant markets, let's talk. Email, phone Colonel John Scott, Esq. at 740 275-4505, or write to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438.



P.S. We would love the opportunity to explore with a partner tech team the possibility that we could together apply the Extreme Encryption technology to dynamic data in database management systems. That would be the ultimate in online security.


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