Our Vision for Collaboration

We envision a new commercial entity with three goals:

  1. Educate target groups in the technical aspects of Extreme Encryption;
  2. License and support software vendors to embed our technology in their software offerings; and
  3. Grow the valuation of the new entity with a view to a third party buyout within two years.


Marpex Inc. brings to the table:

  1. Full ownership of Extreme Encryption and MarpX Privacy, including U.S. Patent Application No. 15816865 with associated technical notes and source code;
  2. Its creative inter-disciplinary problem solving, writing, teaching, and mentoring skills;
  3. Its research source code and technical notes re applications built on its encryption technology;
  4. Contributions to team design; and
  5. Provisional access to the remaining four years of Pryvit technology, U.S. Patent 6,757,699, invented by Marpex Inc. with rights currently owned by Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Others would be expected to provide:

  1. Funds to cover staff financing, porting to mobile devices and alternative operating systems, and launch of products;
  2. Sweat equity involvement in market planning, user interface enhancement, and sales;
  3. Operations management of the new entity.



  1. Bureau of Industry and Security Export Administration Regulations are to be observed. Note that Level Three MarpX Privacy has been ruled to be ECCN EAR99. The entire technology appears in section 742.15(i) to come under ECCN 5A002 which limits export to Canada only.
  2. Marpex Inc.'s Precision Search technology may be used in entity projects, but ownership of this technology remains with Marpex Inc.
  3. The entity may sell explanations of the technology in distance education format. It is understood that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will publish the patent application in May 2019. Prior to publication, eligible buyers would have to agree that non-disclosure of the technology applies until the date of publication. Copyright of lessons applies indefinitely.


Contact us:

If your organization brings integrity, a service orientation, high reputation in the cybersecurity ecosystem, quality marketing and software teams, and resources and experience in relevant markets, let's talk. Email dlowry@marpx.com, phone Colonel John Scott, Esq. at 740 275-4505, or write to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438.


P.S. We would love the opportunity to explore with a partner tech team the possibility that we could together apply the Extreme Encryption technology to dynamic data in database management systems. That would be the ultimate in online security.


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