Social Responsibility


Is anything in this world for-sure really private? Conversations with God might qualify, but not much else. Privacy is all a matter of how much your information is worth to other interested people, and how much time and money they will put into getting what they want. That's worrisome, because some measure of privacy is essential to our dignity as human beings. At the same time, national security personnel and police worry that too much privacy for terrorists is not a good thing. See for example an article by Jessica Donati in the April 2, 2018 Wall Street Journal entitled Too Much Digital Privacy Can Pose Its Own Risks.


Our firm, Marpex Inc., has developed strong privacy technologies in the past. Pryvit (U.S. Patent # 6,757,699) is an electronic file and message shredding system. Until recently we felt that Pryvit was too strong to put into the marketplace. The market has evolved and strong encryption is now becoming commonplace. That's a problem, a national security problem. Telegram, for example, is often cited as a source of frustration to police and to the F.B.I. Tracking of potential terrorists becomes much more expensive when our enemies can hide their communications.


For a fuller discussion of the need for balance of privacy vs. public safety needs, see


An unthinking approach to market might upset the balance between these needs. For example, we believe that the "world would go dark" if the Extreme Encryption level in our government product were broadly distributed to the public, especially if released in combination with the radical bit dispersion effect of Pryvit. Therefore, we have set what we think is socially responsible policy:


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