When an Uninstall Process is Called For


Has the program has ever been installed using this computer? Whether onto the PC hard drive, a USB flash drive, or a portable hard disk? If so, it is necessary to uninstall it before starting a new installation. The flash drive and portable drives should not be connected during the uninstall.


These are the steps.

Go to Start, select Control Panel. You will see:



Select Programs and Features. You will see:



Click Uninstall a Program above, then highlight MarpxPrivacy below



Click Uninstall:

That's left of center, about 5th line from top. Then you will see Microsoft's plea for reassurance.



Click Yes to confirm the uninstall:



The MarpX Privacy line has disappeared. Click the X in the upper right corner to leave the above screen.

And if you see this at any point...



Then for sure go to Start, click on Restart.


The next step is to download the app.


MarpX Privacy