Copies of Extreme Encryption

  1. Security alert!
  2. Plug in two flash drives, one at a time:
  3. Copy and paste from one to the other:

Security alert!

This task is for the purchaser or his/her delegate only, who shall make one, and one only, copy of the Extreme Encryption™ flash drive for each person on the team. Be sure that each team member (person who is to send and/or receive messages or files) is fully aware that they are not to make further copies.


This applies only to the main flash drive. In the event the user has opted for added protection of the keys, a second flash drive containing the seven character codes is provided, one code for each one time key. That flash drive is not to be copied at all, except for setting up a system for dispensing codes on demand to team members.


Plug in two flash drives, one at a time:

Plug into a Windows computer a flash drive containing the full Extreme Encryption™ set of files. Most computers have two or more USB ports. Plug in a second flash drive that is empty or nearly empty. This flash drive will receive the copy. If there isn't a second drive, you may need to find a place on the PC's hard drive onto which you can temporarily copy the files.


Usually when a flash drive is plugged in, a message like this pops up:



On the pop-up select "Open folder to view files." If there is no pop-up, click on the Windows Explorer icon (in Windows 10, the File Explorer icon), navigate to the flash drive, and highlight the MarpX directory.


The list from the Extreme Encryption™ flash drive will include lines like these:



The list from the empty flash drive will look like this:



Copy and paste from one to the other:

Highlight the Extreme directory in the first drive. Copy its entire contents by simply holding down the CTRL key and press the letter 'C' once. Then click anywhere within the empty list on the second drive, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter 'V' to paste the entire Extreme directory with all its files. The entire file set will be copied from the one flash drive to the other.


Repeat the process for the Key directory.


Very important: Copy only the Extreme and Key directories with their contents. If there are directories with names like DoNotCopy or MyPrivacy, do not even think of copying them. That would NOT be privacy. Don't do it.


Repeat as needed so that you have one Extreme Encryption™ flash drive for each team member. Distribute those flash drives to them; these drives will each work right away.


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