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What is Extreme Encryption™?

Extreme Encryption™ is a program installed on a flash drive, used to make messages and computer files fully private. The flash drive may be plugged into a USB port on almost any Windows PC (Personal Computer). Under best practices, the PC may be a surplus machine, preferably NOT connected to the Internet. If encryption and decryption is carried out on this separate and disconnected PC, then Apple, Unix, and Windows users alike may create and exchange encrypted (private) and decrypted (back-to-original) files and messages with assurance that eavesdroppers and hackers have little to no hope of breaking the privacy.


MarpX Privacy™ and Extreme Encryption™ both are based on a new technology, for which patent application 15/816865 was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in November 2017. Extreme Encryption™ lets the user choose from among a collection of one time keys to encrypt or decrypt a message or file. The person who is intended as receiver will need the same key to restore the original content. The sender may choose the same key for successive messages and files, but it is more secure to choose a different key each time.


The keys are delivered as a block of numbered individual files. All keys are wrapped in an undisclosed Base64 text wrap, unique for this purchaser -- not bad protection since there are 1.27 times 1089 (10 to the power 89) different Base64 text wraps! This should be more than adequate for small teams in which there is high mutual trust, and for solo users interested only in archiving files securely. In other situations, we recommend that you select the added option to have every key encrypted with its own seven character code. Allow three extra business days for delivery if you select this option.


While only a few hundred or few thousand one time keys may be delivered at any one time, there are well over 10500 (ten to the power 500) possible unique keys. The hacker is presented with a heavily layered problem. If the key is somehow obtained, there is the issue of penetrating its text wrap... after first solving the optional encryption. If a brute force attack is attempted, there are no patterns in the privatized (encrypted) content, so a hacker would on average have to try at least half of the possible keys. The word "try" here means that the hacker would have to go all the way through every stage of a key before knowing whether it may be the right key. Even with fantastic decryption tools in hand, the hacker has virtually no chance of finding a key. And that's for just one file or message. The next one likely has a different key.


Additional keys may be purchased at any time. Extreme Encryption™ subscriptions lapse one year after the date of the last purchase of keys.


Read also the page entitled Quantum Strength Extreme Encryption for further perspective.


Product availability

Extreme Encryption™ is available only by flash drive delivered to a United States address. Far and away the most important reason is United States law, in the form of the Export Administration Regulations of the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security. Export of strong encryption software from the United States is severely restricted. Given the large size of its keys, Extreme Encryption™ is not intended for Export, or for delivery to entities within the United States that do not pass muster under Export Administration Regulations.


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