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Visualize an enterprise product in which files and messages created on its computing equipment are protected by encryption which is both quantum-proof and keyless. Employees may use precision search to call up their encrypted email threads and documents. Enterprise leaders enjoy instant discovery capability across the entire knowledge base, and have access when needed through a closely guarded back door.

The components of this product are patent protected and demonstrable today. We at Marpex Inc. are currently integrating them into this killer app. We need a firm with cybersecurity smarts and marketing strength to speed up release and market penetration. Angel or VC help to reach the right collaborator would be welcome.

Cruise the pages at Marpx.com to see the resources we and the patent office have published.

If you are qualified and interested, please contact Stephen Feher at 740 317-4847 or sfeher@marpx.com. Thank you.


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