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Hackers want your information.

Facebook wants your information.

China wants your information.

Our solution: serious privacy for messages and for files stored locally or in the cloud. We offer three products. MarpX Privacy™ is a free Windows PC download, available to everyone in the world. It's strong. MarpX Privacy Plus™, a low cost subscription, is 438 times stronger. Extreme Encryption™ is invulnerable to quantum computer hacking, invulnerable to hacking by the NSA (sorry), invulnerable to hacking by China (not the least bit sorry).

We are Marpex Inc. We are serious about human dignity. We are serious about people's privacy. We are serious about your privacy.

Try the free version. If you like it, pay the ten bucks for a month of Marpx Privacy Plus™.

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Are you into cybersecurity? In May 2019 the United States Patent and Trademark Office will publish how serious privacy is achieved. If you want an early look at how / why it¬†succeeds, bring money to learn about our Extreme Encryption™. (Money for us means access to good programmers to speed our products to market.)¬†Want a serious piece of the action? Bring serious money.


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