Install MarpX Privacy

  1. Windows only -- for now
  2. Do you need to uninstall first?
  3. Full setup or just a Zip collection of files?
  4. Get the installation pack
  5. It's your computer, but it's Microsoft's security
  6. How to uninstall if necessary
  7. How to install with the MarpxPrivacySetup.exe package
  8. How to validate the ability to write
  9. How to install with the MarpxPrivacyZip.exe self-extracting zip file

Windows only -- for now

These sections will help you get MarpxPrivacy properly installed on your Windows computer, preferably Windows 7 or later. We know of one instance where installation on Windows Vista worked. No such luck with Windows XP.


And, yes, we would like it to work on other devices. That's why we put in a request for collaboration by other companies.

Do you need to uninstall first?

If you see this ...


...then you do need to uninstall any old copies of MarpxPrivacy first. Here's how.

Full setup or just a Zip collection of files?

At you have the choice of two installation packages. If you want an interactive method in which the program prompts you with a few options and follows through to fully install everything for you, then you want MarpxPrivacySetup.exe.


The alternative is a Zip file, a compressed package of all the files needed to run MarpxPrivacy, suitable arranged in a directory and subdirectories. This Zip file takes the form of a "self-extracting" executable, that is, if you double click on MarpexPrivacyZip.exe, it asks you for a location, then separates out all the files, puts many in the directory you name, and the rest of them in sub-directories at that location. Use the Zip file for installation if you are comfortable with navigating in Windows file systems.

Get the installation pack

The two installation packs, MarpxPrivacySetup.exe and MarpxPrivacyZip.exe are both found at Read the paragraph about the latest release, then click on the button Go to shopping cart, MarpxPrivacy. There, select quantity "1" (one), enjoy the fact that there is no charge (it's free), and register. Finally, select the package that you want (full installer or Zip) and download it via your browser.

It's your computer, but it's Microsoft's security

The MarpxPrivacy program needs to be installed in a place on your computer where you have permission to write files. Whose permission? Microsoft's. Guess what? Even though it is your computer, and you paid money for the computer and for the Microsoft operating system, you can write to far fewer places on your computer than you would think.


So if MarpxPrivacy sends out odd messages on the screen when you run it, the problem may be that you have installed the program to somewhere that Microsoft says, "No, you can't write there!" If you install using MarpxPrivacySetup.exe and if you don't relocate the program, this shouldn't happen. But if a problem does come up, check out the third link below about how to validate.


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