Uninstall Outdated MarpX Privacy

Has the program ever been installed using this computer, whether onto the PC hard drive, a USB flash drive, or a portable hard disk? If so, it is necessary to uninstall it before starting a new installation. The flash drive and portable drives should not be connected during the uninstall.

Go to Start, select Control Panel. You will see:



Double click on Programs and Features in the left column. You will see:



Scroll down to MarpxPrivacy and highlight it.



Double click on Change in the Organize -- Change -- Repair sequence above.



Click Next:



Set the Remove option, click on Next:



If you are happy with what you see, click on Remove and you will see:



This message means what it says. Click on OK and you will see:



Click on Finish. You are done. Now go to Start, and click on Restart to reboot your computer.


MarpX Privacy