MarpX Privacy -- Verify Permission to Write

This page should be a non-issue since we changed the default location to some variation
of C:\Users\[YourUserName]\Appdata\Roaming\MarpXPrivacy, which is an area to which
you can write files. If during installation you have changed the location and now find that
you cannot write files in that area, this page should be helpful to you.

Locate the directory that contains the installed program

Click on Windows Explorer (in Windows 10, File Explorer), that icon usually near the Start icon. Navigate down to the directory in which MarpxPrivacy was installed. Suppose you installed on Drive C: and left the default location as it was: C:\Program Files (x86)\Marpex Inc\MarpxPrivacy. Click your way down through that series until the MarpxPrivacy directory shows. Highlight it as in this screen shot:



Right click on the highlighted line.

Right click a directory or a file, view its properties


Click on the Security tab.

Security settings for the MarpxPrivacy directory


Select the line for users in the top box, and you see this:



Notice that there is no check mark beside the word Write. Our aim is to ensure that users have the ability to write to this directory. Therefore click on the Edit button.



There is now an empty box to the left of "Write". Click on that box. Now click on OK and you are returned to the dirctory. When the MarpxPrivacy program is run, it will now have the necessary permission to write temporary files.



Click the X in the upper right corner to leave the "verify write permission" step.


MarpX Privacy