MarpX Privacy

Install with the MarpxPrivacyZip.exe Self-extracting Zip File

  1. Install
  2. Make a desktop shortcut

Install with self-extracting zip file

You have downloaded MarpxPrivacyZip.exe from Use Windows Explorer to navigate to that file.



Double click on it. Then click Browse and set the location to unzip. Here we chose the E: drive and directory Marpx.



Click Unzip.



Click OK. You are taken back to the earlier page.



Click Close and the installation is complete.

Make a desktop shortcut (optional)

Desktop shortcuts are handy for launching programs. To make one for MarpxPrivacy, right click in open space on your desktop. Choose New and then Shortcut



Click Browse and navigate to the directory where you placed the installation. There, click on MarpxPrivacy to go down one level to the folder with the installed files, and highlight MarpxPrivacy.exe.



Click OK.



Click Next.



Put a space between Marpx and Privacy and delete the four letters .exe so that the shortcut name will be two words, MarpxPrivacy. Click Finish. Your shortcut should appear on the desktop.


MarpX Privacy