Launch MarpX Privacy

  1. A new installation
  2. Presentation 1
  3. Presentation 2
  4. Your options

A new installation

Normally you would fetch a new copy of the latest version of MarpxPrivacy from and install it on you computer as described in Install MarpxPrivacy and the pages that follow. That resulted in quite a few pages including the program, many help pages, four subdirectories and a few other files.


If by any chance you copied MarpxPrivacy from somewhere else, it may include a file named roster.enc.txt; if that file is present, delete it. It's somebody else's roster. You can't open it, and it is going to get in your way.

Presentation 1

This is the page that you should see when you first start the program:



This display includes instructions on how to create your own personal identifier code using any combination you like of the capital letters A to Z, the lower case letters a to z, and the digits 0 to 9. The display also includes TWO boxes in which to enter your new personal ID code. That's so you can type it in without risk of people seeing the code over your shoulder. Typing it the second time ensures that you have typed accurately and will be able to repeat the same code when you launch the program in the future.


This is the first page you will see each time you launch MarpxPrivacy, until you have for the first time both input a personal ID code and entered your first confidant in your roster. Confidants and your roster are explained in the page If You Use Keyless Encryption.

Presentation 2

Once you have a personal ID code and you have started a roster which lists at least one confidant, a somewhat different page is displayed when you launch MarpxPrivacy:



The buttons are the same at the bottom. But the instructions at the top are shorter, and you need to enter your personal ID code only once.

Your options

Whichever page is displayed, there are four buttons along the bottom:

  1. Get Help takes you to a table of contents for all the help pages. From there select any page you wish. Move about in the help pages as long you wish. Then you can either return to or exit from the program.
  2. Provided you have input your personal ID code, Keyless Mode lets you work on your list of confidants (your roster) or select a confidant and encrypt / decrypt files or messages.
  3. Manual Keys takes you directly to encryption and decryption tasks. Manual keys impose upon you all the traditional responsibilities of key management -- create keys, record them, keep them safe, pass them along securely to the person(s) intended to receive your files or messages, make sure other people keep the keys safe, and that everyone deletes them in a timely way. You do NOT need to input a personal ID code in order to use manual keys.
  4. Exit may be clicked if you wish to leave the program.



MarpX Privacy