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An Introduction to Manual Keys

  1. A traditional approach
  2. Some uses for manual encryption
  3. A second home page
  4. Switching to Keyless Mode mode
  5. For further work with manual keys

A traditional approach for encrypting and decrypting

Symmetric encryption requires that the person encrypting and the person who is intended to decrypt both use the same key. That practice reaches back through centuries, long before computers came along. MarpxPrivacy offers the efficiency of symmetric encryption, but through its keyless encryption technology bypasses the tasks of traditional key management:

  1. Create a new key for every file or message to be made secure;
  2. record the key;
  3. keep that key safe from hackers and eavesdroppers;
  4. securely transmit the key to other persons who are intended recipients of your files and messages;
  5. ensure that the recipients' use of the keys is in turn correct and safe; and
  6. arrange that keys are destroyed in a timely manner.
That's a painful and not always secure set of tasks. You may see this list in multiple places. Are we rubbing it in to competitors the advantages of keyless encryption by Marpex Inc.? Yes!


You can enter the program in Manual Key mode any time you wish. Launch MarpxPrivacy, skip the personal ID code, and click directly on the Manual Key button. You are there.

Some uses for manual encryption

Despite the extra work and risk, manual keys still have uses. Would you like to double or triple encrypt something in order to make it more secure from hacking? Go ahead. For example, the roster file in MarpxPrivacy is the most critically important file to keep secure. It's automatically encrypted every time there is a change in your list of confidants. It's automatically decrypted every time that MarpxPrivacy is launched. But if you want it more secure, use MarpxPrivacy in Manual Key mode, and encrypt roster.enc.txt again ... and again ... and again, if you feel under severe risk of attack. Just keep track of the keys you use. For that particular file, be sure to decrypt in reverse order back to its roster.enc.txt version and ensure that it is put in place with the other MarpxPrivacy files, before you try to use the program again in keyless mode.


Manual keys are also useful for one time exchange of information with someone who will not be an ongoing confidant.

A second home page

When on the first page you select Manual Keys, you are brought to this:



This will act as a home page of sorts throughout your session in Manual Key mode.

Switching to Keyless Mode mode

Simply click on the Keyless Mode button. You are taken back to the beginning of the program, where you can input your personal ID, then proceed with Keyless Mode from there.

For further work with Manual Keys


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