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Add a New Roster Entry

  1. Initiate a new roster entry
  2. Input data
  3. Browse and select a PKE file
  4. If an error...
  5. Try again
  6. The roster with new entry

Initiate a new roster entry

You are at the roster page. Notice the display of the roster, only two names so far. The names are by surname first; they will always be displayed in alphabetical order. They could just as well have been first name, last name order. Use whichever order you prefer, but it helps if your order is consistent.


You will probably add several new confidants when you first use MarpxPrivacy. You can keep on adding them through the months ahead. The page looks like this:



You have assembled data as in the preceding help page. Now click on the Add New Entry button.

Input data

You are presented with this form. The first and second fields are needed. The date in the third field is suggested for you in yyyy/mm/dd format. The fourth field is optional, and is used only if you have on hand a Private Key Expander (PKE) file that has not been used already. The fifth field receives the seven character confidant code; it is entered twice to ensure that the two entries are the same and therefore reflect the code that you want.



Here are all the fields filled in, except for an optional PKE file for Extreme Encryption protection of this confidant relationship.


Browse and select a PKE file

In the event that you and your confidant(s) have access to an agreed upon PKE file, and you want Extreme Encryption™ security for this relationship, click Browse and select that file.



After your selection, your screen looks like this:


If an error ...

Click Submit new entry. Whoops!



That means that something is not right. Most likely the two copies of the confidant code were not the same.

Try again

Click OK. Input the data again, carefully ensuring that the two entries of the confidant code are the same. Click Submit new entry.

The roster with new entry


Here is the revised roster. Notice that the new entry maintained the alphabetic order.


Be sure to test the confidant relationship once both of you (or all members of the group) have had time to add the equivalent new entry in their rosters. That can be done by encrypting a message and sending it to your confidant(s).


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