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Edit a Roster Entry

  1. Highlight a faulty entry
  2. Edit the entry
  3. View the result

Highlight a faulty entry

If you see something you want to change in the name or date fields, highlight the entry.



Then click Edit Entry.

Edit the entry


Notice that the selection of a PKE file and the confidant code cannot be edited. That's because changing either one would block decryption of any files or messages encrypted in the past. It is better to create a new entry if any changes are to be made in the encryption controls.


Make the changes you want in the name and date fields. In this example, a title is added at the end of the name.



Click Revise Entry.

View the result

Notice the effect:



The name is changed as requested. In this example, the order of entries in the roster remains the same. If we had changed the last name to Abbott, the revised entry would have gone to the top of the list.


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