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Back Up Your Roster

  1. Open the roster backup page
  2. Fill in all four fields
  3. Result when key provided
  4. Alternatively, fill in only the first two fields
  5. Result when no key

Open the roster backup page

Suppose this is your roster page:



Then click Backup Roster. You are shown:


Fill in all four fields

Fill in all four fields if your aim is to have encrypted backup of your current roster. It's good to do this occasionally, especially when your roster undergoes changes. Do record offline the key that you use. If you cannot recall your user ID, or if your roster is somehow corrupted, you can at least recover the roster as of your latest backup for which you have the key. The backup may be moved into place and its key will become your replacement personal ID code. The method: Change the name of the existing roster.txt.enc to something else, or better, delete it. Then change the name of your latest backup to roster.txt.enc. If it has been a while since backup, you may lose the most recent changes to your roster.


Your roster backup page, when filled in, looks like this. Notice .txt at the end of the name. We suggest you do the same, since the backup roster will be an encrypted text file:



Click "Do Backup".

Result when key provided


Normally, success is reported, as above. In the event your two key entries were not the same, you are given an error message and asked to enter your data again.


On success, if you were to look among your program files in the MarpxPrivacy directory, you would find a new file, Roster191026.txt.enc. Just leave it in place. If you have older backup files, you could delete them.

Alternatively, fill in only the first two fields

Fill in only file name and your personal ID code if you really want a plain text list of your roster file. Then click Do Backup.


Result when no key

Omitting keys is the only way to see the confidant code for each confidant. The file, just as you have named it is found in your MarpxPrivacy directory. Print a copy if you must. Caution: You do not want anyone else to see this file. For the sake of security, get it off your computer as quickly as possible. Leaving a plain text list of your confidants where it can be accessed by others invites hacking of all kinds of files and messages exchanged with any of your confidants.


Your plain text roster file looks something like this:



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