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Keyless Encryption: Encrypt a File

  1. Highlight a confidant, choose file encryption
  2. Two fields to specify
  3. Browse and select a file
  4. The text wrap option
  5. What about a key?
  6. Path and file name of result

Highlight a confidant, choose file encryption


Want to make a file private? There are three easy steps. First one: Highlight in your roster the person that you are going to send it to. Click Encrypt File in the lower left corner.

Two fields to specify


Notice under the heading there is a reminder of who your confidant is. Below that, there are two fields -- the file that you want to encrypt, and a check box on whether you want it text wrapped.


Click on Browse to select a file.

Browse and select a file


Navigate to the directory containing the file, highlight it, and click Open.

The text wrap option


Text wrapping turns an encrypted file totally into printable characters. Bad news: It adds roughly half again to the size of the file. Good news: Text wrapping makes it safe to send the file as an attachment with email.


Well, almost safe. It depends on the email system. Some bright light at Microsoft came up with the idea a few years ago that, when a confidant asks for bread, he should be given a stone. More literally, if a .txt file is requested, send a file called winmail.dat which of course only Microsoft software could recognize. (If someone using an old version of Microsoft Outlook does this to you, tell them that the Internet suggests ways to shut off the winmail.dat "feature".)


Summary: If you are going to send the encrypted file by a safe email system, check the box. If the file is large, leave the box unchecked and send it some other way.

What about a key?

Forget about keys! They are a bother and a risk. You are using Keyless Encryption by Marpex Inc. (Are we bragging? Yes.) How does it work? It's all explained in Chapter 4 of Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits! and has something to do with the confidant code and that random bytes file included with your MarpxPrivacy software.


You have specified a file, and either checked or left unchecked the text wrap box. Now click Encrypt This File.

Path and file name of result


You are shown the location and name of the encrypted file. Click OK which returns you to the page to encrypt another file for the same confidant. Or you may choose to go back to your roster and do something else.


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