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Keyless Encryption: Encrypt a Message

  1. Some messages are meant to be kept secret
  2. Highlight a confidant, choose file encryption
  3. Type or paste a message
  4. File version of the encrypted message
  5. Extra display of the encrypted message

Some messages are meant to be kept secret


The Zimmermann telegram, encrypted above by the German Foreign Office, was supposed to be secret, but British Intelligence during World War I broke the code. That was good news for Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico which the German Empire had promised in the telegram to return to Mexico if Germany met its objectives.


Let's use the telegram as an example of how to really secure a message.

Highlight a confidant, choose message encryption


Highlight in your roster the person that you are going to send it to. Click Encrypt Message.

Type or paste a message

You are shown this page with an area into which you can type or paste a message. Again, under the heading there is a reminder of who your confidant is. Incidentally, if a message is much over three thousand characters, send it as a file, not as a message.



Let's copy into our clipboard (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) the plain text Zimmermann telegram from wherever it is found. Then click here in the text area, and input Ctrl-V to paste in the entire message.



The message is long, so scroll down if you wish to see more.



Scroll down even further if you wish to see the last part.


File version of the encrypted message

When you are happy with what you see, click Encrypt This Message. You are shown:



Notice how messages are named ... "Msg_" followed by four digit year and two digit month, then underscore and the three letter version of the month, underscore, day, underscore, time of the message in two digits each for hour, minute, and second when the message was encrypted. That's followed by .enc (encrypted) and finally .txt (a text wrapped version of the message). Why is the month shown twice? That's so that a list of messages in alpha order will also be in date order. The 24 hour clock is used, so an hour value of 15 means 3 p.m. Notice also that messages are automatically text wrapped for convenience.

Extra display of the encrypted message

Click OK. You have the file and are good to go. But if there are no accented letters and if the length is reasonable, you see extra information -- the encrypted text wrapped message.



From here, normally you would click either encrypt another message or to go back to the roster.


Notice the instructions on the page if you want to copy the message and share it conveniently, yet securely, with the selected confidant (person or team). Click in the message, press Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C. If you have a social media page or a page open in a word processor, click there and then input Ctrl-V. The following is what you would see:

HS0tn.EN hoYWJp57 jZujjQ8S !loVTNzK
02NKPg8m UFXJhrxF 2njujmND cp1umHeP
ZqxY2jvt HTTm!cBl fCiEYCp5 ScUd.pP9
imU6p9lG 2xrdC0jS 5nj5eyaW !bYbDQf0
7mDFOZU3 8hYIBVph HARfRH6v CtrMxCqf
cT6Gm4zm Ti7PY1j9 2KarS4yL JujB!w1!
x2sSbsoL LNatNPyx OCWAoPwK khGYXPF3
kd2KvXU4 sHgo1HM7 1FnfnpfV Ek21s6AM
G2M2HeZf V3nC!j9w W2hEqouL EXLX3dKi
LfXj0tkz QmMBCgCp SLvoAMIP I1oBqmXQ
xUiKylTS 1DkKDW8A Qu0lG7PH kkSww!Wv
YhurcPSd pWHKjR0M sUep11Bz 8FNG1wPR
2kxovBhT ZS2!5uzY B4qSMmzJ ZQ75c0gi
gRhxzkye IokGENVS 98pa9OcT !CF5DMIC
illGUs1z yLC.kVap jyGgYCvG hodtlyMU
CBBdY.ib gNaNtMkm BLDdHK18 TMPi5a7f
WMoZ.4w6 sbiywYnQ YHtVhG8i MUzoVW3A
Lwc1lUGW 0ds3!igQ ZIxGioSC 097hS7uv
qiWWyPYu PSN!1zWb VQpg.71C Uc2!o3!k
.XydwdYj IpHYfiBk c1PJJLqQ pEOH6CA6
h6mYw1Z0 8g8Kd2sX eXPmPwJ0 eXNNidA5
LWaaE4rV Hjuy7.9y ct3PjAxO rW8dhM9w
IojgxFF3 fbOkLMmr WC2xVjZ1 8tM4EWDy
Y22U0JYe qLw88Xh0 nvNgD0Js DU5EJvCP
9FXl9ghO Zh1WtAPd cJuulXqZ 8gIYBd9j
AhnJbBMk gj9QJdoO DXYO3EFf SQX9A7vr

Invite your friends to decrypt that! Better yet, ask British Intelligence to decrypt it. Even if they know that these 864 characters are the Zimmermann telegram, our bet is that they won't be able to decrypt the message, no matter how much computer resources they use for the task.


We will use this same encrypted message again in the next page of helps.


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