MarpX Privacy

Manual Keys: Decrypt a File

  1. Choose file decryption
  2. Browse and select a file
  3. Input the correct key
  4. Path and file name of result

Choose file decryption


Reconstituting an encrypted file is easier than making it private. Click Decrypt File. You are shown a page with two entries to input.


Browse and select a file

Encrypted files finish with either ".enc" or ".enc.txt" if they are text wrapped. Click Browse. Navigate to the directory containing the encrypted file you want, select it, and click Open to complete your selection.



Your page will look like this.


Input the correct key

We happen to know the correct key for this encrypted file, from the preceding help page. Input p6D9ivW in the box.



Click Decrypt File.

Path and file name of result


You are shown the location and name of the decrypted file. It has the word .decrypted within the name. That's to avoid overwriting an original file; you can change that by editing your preferences.txt file. Click OK which normally returns you to the page to decrypt another file. Because the file is small and text wrapped, you are shown this extra information ... the plain text:



MarpX Privacy