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Manual Keys: Encrypt a Message

  1. Choose file encryption
  2. Type or paste a message
  3. Select a key
  4. File version of the encrypted message
  5. Extra display of the encrypted message

Choose message encryption


In the manual keys home page, click Encrypt Message.

Type or paste a message

You are shown this page with an area into which you can type or paste a message.



Here is a typed-in fictional message to illustrate.


Select a key

The key is composed of seven characters, any combination of capital letters, lower case letters, and numeric digits. Here the chosen key is wsC18Am.


File version of the encrypted message

When you are happy with what you see, click Encrypt This Message. You are shown:



Notice how messages are named ... "Msg_" followed by four digit year and two digit month, then underscore and the three letter version of the month, underscore, day, underscore, time of the message in two digits each for hour, minute, and second when the message was encrypted. That's followed by .enc (encrypted) and finally .txt (a text wrapped version of the message). Why is the month shown twice? That's so that a list of messages in alpha order will also be in date order. The 24 hour clock is used, so an hour value of 19 means 7 p.m. Notice also that messages are automatically text wrapped for convenience.

Extra display of the encrypted message

Click OK. You have the file and are good to go. But if there are no accented letters and if the length is reasonable, you see extra information -- the encrypted text wrapped message.



From here, normally you would click either encrypt another message or to go back to the roster.


Notice the instructions on the page if you want to copy the message and share it with others. (You have to share the key with them also, in some secure way.) Click in the message, press Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C. If you have a social media page or a page open in a word processor, click there and then input Ctrl-V. The following is what you would see:

Gdt9gUtu fE2jhVDV CPVAE87d 98S5b2hu
nryyR!Ns qzOhmZ!S 1maIcirQ kWAD1dHt
15uRzFXL 2XvZxbUS nSjZzhYP 1yMirtlt
Onb7q0rn KKqtxH2Z tWZBgdU. pKXCsOLy
0QWVVF4V 1PF4l!n! HW2LchCD Jv9cH9.o
zq9tkzC8 3x1!eREU PwL7Ax!E sVepmm98
zkG!fkoJ a4rsTfh8 8mvF


We will use this same encrypted message again in the next page of helps.


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