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Manual Keys: Decrypt a Message

  1. Choose message decryption
  2. Paste an encrypted message
  3. Enter the correct key
  4. File version of the decrypted message
  5. Extra display of the decrypted message

Choose message decryption


In the manual keys home page, click Decrypt Message.

Paste an encrypted message

You are shown this page with an area into which you can paste an encrypted message.



Let's copy into our clipboard (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) the encrypted message from the preceding help page. Then click in the text area here, and input Ctrl-V to paste in the entire message.



Don't worry about spaces and line ends. They are ignored. What matters is that all the printable characters are captured in order as they came out of the encryption process, and that the <<< and >>> anchors are included.

Enter the correct key

From the preceding page, we know that the correct key is wsC18Am.


File version of the decrypted message

Click Decrypt Message. You are shown:



The message is named again by its date and time. This time the word ".decrypted" is inserted within the name.

Extra display of the decrypted message

Click OK. You have the file and are good to go. But if there are no accented letters and if the length is reasonable, you see extra information -- the decrypted message.



From here, you may either decrypt another message or to go back to the roster.


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