MarpX Privacy -- Preference options

  1. Preferences.txt
  2. Control default location for files
  3. Control names of decrypted files
  4. How to save preferences.txt


Preferences.txt is a plain text file included among the files installed as part of MarpX Privacy. It is self-documenting; the file contains an explanation of what to do to change preferences. With almost any word processor, you can open it, read it, make changes in it. The changes should only be made in lines that start with an opening brace bracket followed by a key word, an ending brace bracket, and a space. Don't change anything in those key words.


Control default location for files

If you wish to have your MarpX Privacy files written to a particular place, enter the drive letter after "{DriveLetter} ". Enter the directory after "{Directory} ". If you use Z for the drive letter, the program will write to the drive on which Marpx Privacy is installed.

Control names of decrypted files

AddDecrypted in brace brackets followed by "Yes" tells the system to insert ".decrypted" within the name of the decrypted version of a file, to avoid overwrites. The same key word and "No" causes the original name to be restored when the file is decrypted.

How to save preferences.txt

This Preferences.txt file must be saved as unformatted text (.txt) in the same location in which MarpX Privacy was installed. Your word processor may object vigorously and attempt to have you add formatting. If you let formatting get in, the MarpX Privacy program will not be able to read the Preferences.txt file and you will be stuck forever with the default values instead of what you write in the file.


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