Installation option # 1 -- Onto a flash drive

Your purchase process started at After placing your order, you will be shown a page that starts "View Order #". Toward the bottom are two options. Plug in a flash drive. Then select the MarpxPrivacyZip.exe option. On your browser, go to the downloads portion and double click on MarpXPrivacyZip.exe. When asked where you want it installed, browse to your flash drive.

Your next step: Test drive the app.

Installation option # 2 -- Onto a Windows PC

As above, you are shown two options on the page that starts "View Order #". To install onto a Windows PC, select the MarpxPrivacySetup.exe option. It's really important to act as administrator when installing to a Personal Computer. During download, you are normally given an opportunity to save the file. Do save it. Then find the file wherever it was saved, double click on it, then choose the Run as administrator option.

At MP_Install2.asp you will find some points that may come up during installation onto a PC.

Installation option # 3 -- Copy from someone else's flash drive

If a friend or co-worker has a flash drive containing a recent copy of the MarpxPrivacy program with all its support files, you can simply copy the MarpxPrivacy directory and its contents onto a flash drive of your own. Here is how to make a copy.


Your next step: Test drive the app.


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