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Technological Achievements

Destroy all meaningful patterns in data.

Resist brute force attacks.

Blindfold the hacker.

Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.

Add research capability to encrypted content.

Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat.

MarpX Privacy™

What is MarpX Privacy™?

How to make a copy of MarpX Privacy™

A guided tour of MarpX Privacy™

Best practices for high security

What encrypted content is like

Download your free MarpX Privacy™

Extreme Encryption™

In the lab for an upgrade. See second heading at

Search and Research (inactive till mid-2019)

Distinctives -- MarpX Search-and-Filter Specifications

Sample, Small -- Hamlet

Sample, Larger -- Content Discovery for Publishers

Add Research Capability to Encrypted Content

Research-Capable Cloud-Based Backup


Elevator Speech

Marpex Inc. Technology Licenses

Collaborating as Full Partners

Collaboration in Selling to Government


MarpX Privacy