October 2018 -- Free Use of New Privacy Technology

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Technological Achievements

Destroy all meaningful patterns in data.

See also Technical notes on encrypted files

Resist brute force attacks -- plus Extreme Encryption for government.

Blindfold the hacker.

Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.

Add research capability to encrypted content.

Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat.

Social Impact and Responsibility

Balance the needs of privacy and national security.

Privacy for Individuals

MarpX Privacy

MarpX Privacy Level One

MarpX Privacy Level Two

Privacy for Organizations

MarpX Privacy Level Two

MarpX Privacy Level Three

Privacy for Professionals and Their Clients

One-to-Many Many-to-One Privacy

Privacy for Firms and Teams

Many-to-Many Privacy

Privacy for Government

National Security

How to Obtain and Use Product

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Search and Research


MarpX Search-and-Filter Specifications

Sample, Small


Sample, Larger

Content Discovery for Publishers

The Two Technologies: Researching Private Archives

Add Research Capability to Encrypted Content

Research-Capable Cloud-Based Backup


Elevator Speech


Embed Technology in Existing Software

Marpex Inc. Technology Licenses

Full Partnership

Collaborating as Full Partners

Collaboration in Selling to Government


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