MarpX Privacy

Script for Executive Overview Video

[We hope to replace this script with a video in early 2020.]

Format: Items at the left margin are voiced by someone off screen. The questions might be shown in slide form. The remainder consists of Doug Lowry at a desk facing the camera and doing his own voice.

Who is this video for?

This video reports results of our R&D in cybersecurity and privacy.

  1. It's for you if you have a need for stronger privacy protection.
  2. It's for you if you are a cybersecurity provider.
  3. It's for you if you want privacy built into your products.

We hear you have been working on symmetric key encryption. Isn't that kind of dumb?

Symmetric means that the sender and receiver must each have the same key. And it's true that the cybersecurity industry has largely backed away from it. Ten annoying and risky tasks interfere with every attempt to share files and messages with symmetric keys. There are too many opportunities for customers to mess up.

So, why have you kept at it?

Symmetric key methods require far less computer resources. And we have come up with a way to completely blow away the customer's key management problem. Visualize two customers taking 30 to 60 seconds to set up a secure confidant relationship. As a result, they can exchange their files and messages, all with the protection of strong encryption for decades with never seeing or thinking about keys. That's not a dream. It's featured in our free MarpxPrivacy program today.

Incidentally, our solution can be licensed and built into other provider's software.

Have you been researching security for Internet of Things communications?

Yes, and we are pleased to report "problem solved".

The same U.S. Patent Application # 16,698,246 automated key method can be applied by IoT designers and manufacturers.

You have travelled in autocratic regimes. The idea of mass surveillance in dictatorships seems to really bother you. Have you done something about it?

Yes. We have made our MarpxPrivacy program quite strong -- not unhackable by organizations like the National Security Agency, but strong enough that a hacker trying out a different key every second will take 111,000 years to break one message. An array of super computers combined with a lot of smarts might reduce the task to a millionth the size -- but that would still take 40 days and 40 nights of high priced people and equipment. And that's to break only one message.

We have priced mass surveillance of ideas out of sight for any regime, even China.

Is that the best that Marpex has to offer?

Heavens, no! With our Extreme Encryption, you measure hacking time to break a message or file, not in years, but in lifetimes of the universe. It's all explained in my book, Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!: How Extreme Encryption Works. That's on sale at Amazon.

Are you saying that your technology is quantum-hacking resistant?

Can I prove it? No-one can in a hurry. But the logic is compelling. Our Extreme Encryption method can be scaled upward indefinitely. In the version on sale today, we are dealing in unique key counts that are 623 digits long. We could move that up quite readily to 7000 digits and beyond. And it works on an ordinary personal computer.

What is it that you want?

We want to know that our technologies are out there, serving people. We want collaboration with existing firms with marketing clout and cybersecurity smarts to help make that happen.