October, 2019

BETA RELEASE: The free MarpX Privacy program at 3.5 trillion key strength with auto-key selection is now available. The help pages will follow. The method is explained in Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits: How Marpx Extreme Encryption Works, available at Amazon -- $9.99 for the ebook, $15.99 for print.



Ignore it.

"I didn't think it was important, boss." "I was too busy, boss."


Excusology is not a winning life strategy.

Insist on conformity to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

We approached a government agency (unnamed to protect the guilty) to review technical notes of our encryption method. Word came back to the effect that the agency only looks at encryption that has been proven to conform to the Advanced Encryption Standard.


That's interesting. In the Congressional Hearing on Quantum Technology by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee in October 2017, there appeared to be a broadly shared consensus that current encryption methods may be badly compromised when strong advances are achieved in quantum computing. But the agency in question insists that anything new must conform to the old. If that is the case, let us hope that the employees of the agency when driving at night are preceded by a pedestrian with a red lantern to warn of their approach. That was, after all, the old standard, and it's their bright idea that new approaches must conform to old standards.


It's a good thing that said agency does not have a mandate for environmental scanning to be aware of what is emerging in the field of cryptography (or does it?), and that their mission has nothing to do with national security (or does it? Hmmm.)


Does Marpx Extreme Encryption conform to the Advanced Encryption Standard? Absolutely not. Intentionally.

Learn more about MarpX Good Privacy and try it.

Here are the help files associated with MarpX Good Privacy:


You may get a free copy of the program at https://BuyExtremeEncryption.com/marpx-privacy.aspx.

Learn more about MarpX Better Privacy and try it.

Here are the help files associated with MarpX Better Privacy:


Monthly subscriptions at $10 US are available at https://www.BuyExtremeEncryption.com/marpx-better-privacy.aspx and annual subscriptions at $100 US may be purchased at https://www.BuyExtremeEncryption.com/marpex-better-privacy-annual.aspx


Note that we are required by U.S. law to check whether or not you are qualified as a recipient. Expect a delay of one business day. Your card will not be charged until the download has been released to you.

Learn more about Extreme Encryption technology (U.S. only).

MarpX Extreme Encryption™ is available only as an enterprise product. Normally, we would cooperate with your software engineers to build the technology into your software. Independent try-out subscriptions are also available; these have an interface similar to MarpX Better Privacy.


Given the power of this product, we are restricting its use to select organizations with a vested interest in U.S. national security. Is this discrimination? Yes; the Cleveland cell of Al Qaeda and a lot of other groups will have to do without!


If you are interested in this technology for your organization, please contact Stephen Feher. He will need to know who you are, what your organization is about, and your needs. You may reach Stephen at sfeher@buyextremeencryption.com or 740 317-4847. Thank you.

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