MarpX Brand, Marpex Inc. Company Name

In its infancy in September 1976, our firm was based in Ontario, Canada and was named Marpe' Consultants Ltd. That's based on the biblical word spelled mem - resh - pe - aleph (Hebrew for healing) which appears in the last chapter by the prophet Malachi.

No one could spell or pronounce Marpe', so before the 1970s were out, we changed our name to Marpex Inc.

In 1984, some folks in the United Kingdom formed Marpex Chemical. Before we woke up to smell the (Internet naming) roses, they had taken the URL

In 1992 we formed the Ohio S-Corp Marpex Inc., carrying forward our Canadian name. By the time we retired the Ontario firm (1995) we had transferred its assets to the Ohio S-Corp.

Our solution to the Internet name game was to obtain both and Both these URLs take you to this site. For brand purposes, think the brief five letter name MarpX. For company name purposes,

  • when on the Internet think MarpX or MarpexInc.
  • when you want to write us a check, we would welcome Marpex Inc. as the name.

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