Policy on Technical Questions


How does MarpxPrivacy encryption work? Extreme Encryption™ -- What's that all about? Keyless encryption, quantum-hacking resistance, multiple audacious claims -- Are you serious?


You've got questions. We've got answers. We want you to become really interested in our technology, and the best way to do that is to help you understand it.


To further your understanding, we have published the following resources:

  1. a book Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!: How Extreme Encryption Works;
  2. a free Windows program, MarpxPrivacy, strong enough (at 3.5 trillion unique possible keys) to handle the bulk of privacy and security needs for files and messages, and Extreme Encryption™ upgrades for greater security requirements;
  3. an online manual with 32 web pages and 114 illustrations to walk you step by step through MarpxPrivacy;
  4. six videos, an introduction for potential collaborators, and five more videos, one for each of our five "audacious claims" of the significance of our contributions to privacy and cybersecurity;
  5. a video plus detailed instructions on how to prove for yourself tha keyless encryption works;
  6. three patents numbers 6,757,699, 7,433,893 and 10,505,715 for inventions by Doug Lowry published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (a fourth patent application is scheduled for publication in May 2021).

If after reviewing the documentation you spot errors or deficiencies, let me know by email at dlowry@marpx.com. When possible, include the page reference in the manual or the book where the answer to your question is not sufficiently clear. Helpful questions may lead to error corrections or to entries in a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section.


Please, do not raise technical questions by telephone or at face-to-face policy meetings, unless a retainer is in place and you have contracted with us for paid consultation.


Thank you!


Doug Lowry, Ph.D.
President, Marpex Inc.


MarpX Privacy