Intro to Extreme Encryption

What is MarpX Extreme Encryption™?

Extreme Encryption is ultra-strength privacy technology that protects computer files of any kind whatsoever, whether stored locally or transmitted into the cloud. Messages are similarly kept totally private. The software is based on a patent application by Marpex Inc. submitted in November, 2017. It is designed for total resistance to hackers of any description, even to those with formidable computer resources and complete familiarity with the method.

Who is Extreme Encryption™ for?

The primary purpose of Extreme Encryption is to serve national security needs of the United States. Intended customers include federal government agencies, contractors working on behalf of the federal government, and major players in cybersecurity. The product is NOT FOR EXPORT; distribution is strictly limited to customers in the United States who accept limitations imposed under the Bureau of Industry and Security's Export Administration Regulations. Shipment of first time orders may be delayed a business day for background checks, including review in the government's Consolidated Screening List.

How does Extreme Encryption™ work?

Each flash drive shipped holds over 1500 extended length algorithms, each unique, custom built, and intended only for you and your team. Forget the old 56 and 64 bit encryption key ceilings; these algorithms are thousands of bits long. No-one else has your algorithms. Without a copy of the right algorithm and the key used to encrypt it, nobody else has a ghost of a chance (make that a less than one in ten to the power 600 chance) of getting at your content. These algorithms are designed for efficiency and impressively quick encryption and decryption of any kind of computer file whatsoever. And the process effectively destroys any patterns within your encrypted files and messages that might serve as clues to hackers on how to shorten their attack time.


The fancy term for all this is computational infeasibility. If a hacking group could turn every particle in the universe (all ten to the power 86 of them) into a computer, and each computer tried ten to the power 86 unique possible algorithms every second, they would not get through the job of hacking one message or file in the lifetimes of the hackers (or in the lifetime of the universe, for that matter).


Why such an emphasis on pattern reduction and huge numbers? Because quantum computing is on the rise. China is investing heavily in it. And once this new hardware technology reaches about 300 qubits strength, our existing encryption systems will fail to protect our credit cards, our financial system, our anything else that is based on currently accepted security standards.


Extreme Encryption deals now in numbers in the 10600+. If hacking by quantum computers should ever rise to that scale, a simple modification scales the method upward into the 107000+ range and beyond if necessary.


Is that strength needed today? No. But the day that other systems fail, our design will stand and withstand the worst that enemies could ever throw at us.


If you are intent on more detail, the patent application is scheduled for publication by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May 2019. Before that time, government agencies and other buyers who offer a persuasive need-to-know basis may receive more detailed technical notes with shipment of their full 1500-algorithm-version order.

The Product

Extreme Encryption is shipped on a flash drive, along with keys and a license file that give you access. Regular Extreme Encryption includes 1500 custom algorithms, and retails at $1495.00, shipping of the flash drive included. You may, if you wish, start with the optional tryout version with 15 custom algorithms. The tryout sells for $49.95 (shipping included), and you may upgrade to the full version any time within a year.


For greater security, each algorithm is individually encrypted using a seven character key. For maximum security, each algorithm should ideally be used only once for encryption; how often is, of course, your choice. Each algorithm may be used for encryption at any point up to one year after purchase. The same algorithm can be used into the indefinite future for decryption / restoration of the original files and messages.


You may make copies of the installation for your team members at no extra cost. Exercise discretion! Your security is stronger to the extent your group is small and disciplined in its sharing. As purchaser, you retain exclusive control over who has access to the key to any given algorithm.


While the technology could be applied to virtually any tablet, phone, or computer, the current release is intended for use on a Windows PC, ideally, one that is not connected to the Internet. See the discussion of best practices.


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