Sample of a web blog

This blog makes ample use of photographs and has one example of streaming video. For most mobile devices, download the epub version: Grateful Convert DotCom Blog.epub. For Kindle or Kindle Fire, you will want the mobi version: Grateful Convert DotCom

MarpX research indexes currently have the look and feel of a search engine. (That will change!) When you use it, one major difference will appear in the list of hits. [1] There will be fewer of them; the garbage has been filtered out. [2] They will be ranked in order; the closer the desired terms are together, the higher that hit appears in the list. This way, the better hits rise to the top, and you don't have to spend time dealing with garbage results.

So, please try out the research index for the Grateful Convert DotCom Blog either directly here, or from within your ebook copy.

The word list is a simple text file that lists every term found in the document. Each term is preceded by its frequency. This can be interesting for a researcher. You can download the word list and read it in any word processor:

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