MarpX Better Privacy

What is MarpX Better Privacy™?

MarpX Better Privacy™ is a Windows PC program that makes messages and computer files private. This enhanced variation is 438 times as powerful as the free MarpX Good Privacy™ program. The two programs look much the same. The differences:


  1. Keys: MarpX Good Privacy™ keys are any combination of seven letters in a row, and lower case letters are treated as if they were capital letters. So each of the seven characters in the key can be filled in only 26 ways (A through Z). In contrast, each of the seven characters in a MarpX Better Privacy™ key may be a capital letter, a lower case letter, or a numeric digit. Upper and lower case letters are treated as different. So each character in a key can be supplied in 26 + 26 + 10 = 62 ways (A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9).
  2. Power: For any file or message, MarpX Good Privacy™ has 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 = 8,031,810,176 different combinations. MarpX Better Privacy™ has 62 X 62 X 62 X 62 X 62 X 62 X 62 = 3,521,614,606,208 combinations --- fully 438 times as many as for the MarpX Privacy™ program. Your choice among three and a half trillion keys provides far greater protection against hackers, eavesdroppers, and enemies of your privacy.
  3. Subscription: MarpX Better Privacy™ is a moderately priced monthly or quarterly subscription service. You may subscribe at
  4. Export controls: Unlike the free product, MarpX Better Privacy™ is subject to the Export Administration Regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security (U.S. Department of Commerce). There are particular countries and also a long list of users who are barred from receiving MarpX Better Privacy™. Chances are it may be sent to you, but as a subscriber, you accept a commitment not to re-export MarpX Better Privacy™. [We have yet even stronger Extreme Encryption™ technology; export controls forbid its use outside of the United States.]


Whatever level of MarpX privacy product you choose, the privacy of your files and messages will be much improved. Our firm, Marpex Inc., draws its name from an ancient word that means "healing". Privacy is much under attack in our techological age. We believe that privacy is essential to human dignity. The years of research and development that went into this technology are our contribution to that cause.


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