Our Vision for Collaboration

  1. Goals in collaboration with a cybersecurity marketing firm:
  2. Marpex Inc. brings to the table:
  3. Some stipulations:
  4. Contact us:
  5. Our elevator speech:

Goals in collaboration with a cybersecurity marketing firm:

  1. Port the MarpX Better Privacy Windows product to a full range of devices and computers;
  2. Professionalize the interface;
  3. Work together to develop marketing plans;
  4. Launch the full MarpX Better Privacy product family with generous marketing support;
  5. License and support third parties to embed our technology in their software offerings;
  6. Provide assistance to Marpex Inc. if needed in order to sell outright the Extreme Encryption™ technology to the United States Government;
  7. Grow the valuation of the MarpX Good Privacy and MarpX Better Privacy product group with a view to a third party buyout within two years.


Marpex Inc. brings to the table:

  1. Full ownership of MarpX Good Privacy, MarpX Better Privacy, and Extreme Encryption™, including U.S. Patent Application No. 15816865 with associated technical notes and source code;
  2. Its creative inter-disciplinary problem solving, writing, teaching, and mentoring skills;
  3. Its production source code, research source code, and technical notes re applications built on its encryption technology;
  4. Feature addition, short term: Enable the user to automate the bulk encryption and decryption of file collections in preparation for storage in the cloud and retrieval. This feature uses already fully functional command line versions of each of MarpX Good Privacy, MarpX Better Privacy, and Extreme Encryption™.
  5. Feature addition, medium term: Enable the user to search offline entire collections of encrypted content, in order to expedite the identification of files and their retrieval from the cloud. This feature uses MarpX Precision Search / Research technology. Its strengths include: (a) treatment of headings at all levels as significant in the search for meaning; and (b) filtering of meaningless hits. (The technology enables the user to specify how close words must be together, even within massive collections of text.) See MarpX precision search examples via the MarpX.com site map and also more on specifications.
  6. Contributions to team design; and
  7. Provisional access to the remaining four years of Pryvit technology, U.S. Patent 6,757,699, invented by Marpex Inc. with rights currently owned by Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Some stipulations:

  1. Bureau of Industry and Security Export Administration Regulations are to be observed. Note that MarpX Better Privacy has been ruled to be ECCN EAR99. All potential first sales to a customer must be reviewed against both the list of embargoed countries and the Export Consolidated Screening List.
  2. Marpex Inc. owns a separate patented precision search technology. While this technology may be used in collaborative projects, ownership of this technology remains with Marpex Inc.
  3. Actual encryption steps and assignment of keys are to be left always in the control of the product user. Both back doors and third party handling of encryption undermine user privacy and defeat the product purpose.
  4. There have been truly egregious violations of privacy of the users of apps which incorporate SDKs (Software Development Kits) that communicate personal information to third party servers. See for example the lead print edition headline of the February 24, 2019 Wall Street Journal. There shall be no such communication of user information to any server anywhere where Marpex Inc. is involved.


Contact us:

If your organization brings integrity, a service orientation, high reputation in the cybersecurity ecosystem, quality marketing and software teams, and resources and experience in relevant markets, let's talk. Email dlowry@marpx.com, phone Colonel John Scott, Esq. at 740 275-4505, or write to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438.


P.S. We would love the opportunity to explore with a partner tech team the possibility that we could together apply our technologies to dynamic data in database management systems. That would be the ultimate in online security.


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