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What is MarpX Privacy™?

MarpX Privacy™ is a free program that you may use to make messages and computer files private. This program and its files may be downloaded, ideally onto a flash drive. The flash drive may be plugged into a USB port on almost any Windows PC (Personal Computer). Under best practices, the PC may be a surplus machine, preferably NOT connected to the Internet. If a dedicated Windows PC is used, then Apple, Unix, and Windows users alike may create and exchange encrypted (privatized) files and messages with assurance that eavesdroppers and hackers have little hope of breaking the privacy.


MarpX Privacy™ and Extreme Encryption™ both are based on a new technology, for which patent application 15/816865 was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in November 2017. MarpX Privacy™ lets the user choose any combination of seven letters as a key for a message or file. The person who is intended as receiver will need the same seven letter key to restore the original content. The sender may choose the same key for successive messages and files, but it is more secure to choose a different key each time.


Seven letters are needed for a key. Capital letters and lower case letters are treated as the same. So there are 26 ways (A-Z) to choose each letter. To choose all seven letters, there are 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 X 26 = 8,031,810,176 different combinations. There are no patterns in the privatized (encrypted) version, so a hacker would on average have to try at least half of the eight billion possible keys. The word "try" here means that the hacker would have to go all the way through every stage of a key before knowing whether it may be the right key. It would take a long, long time and/or some fantastic decryption tools to find the key. And that's for just one file or message. The next one likely has a different key.



To ensure that you have the latest version, visit the download page at You do not need to register or provide any information. Free means really free.


There's more. If you have an up-to-date copy of the program on a flash drive, you have our permission to make copies of the flash drive for your friends. Copying is free. The only cost to your friend is to hand you an empty flash drive.


Why is so strong a privacy program made available for free and you are allowed to copy it for free? Because that's our way of drawing attention to our patent pending technology and our even stronger products -- MarpX Privacy PLUS™ (a 3.5 trillion key edition) and Extreme Encryption™ (soon to be released). More than that: We believe that privacy is essential to the dignity of every human being. MarpX Privacy™ is our little contribution to your dignity and your freedom to control which personal information you choose and choose not to share.



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