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Marpex Inc. is a high tech research firm based in Steubenville, Ohio that offers solutions to multiple cybersecurity problems, and to filter out false hits in precision search. We hold the following patents:

Marpex Inc. actively seeks a collaborator with marketing strength to license these technologies and speed their adoption in the marketplace. Qualified parties are asked to contact Steven Feher.

1. Executive overview

2. Solved: Encryption's key management problem. Experience the Windows version of our solution. Our patent application 16698246.

3. Solved: The Internet of Things (IoT) security problem. Collaborators? Our patent application 16698246.

4. Solved: Autocratic regime mass surveillance of ideas. We have made it too expensive for them. Experience it. Please hack it! (Do we need to make it yet more expensive for the bad guys?) Our U.S. Patent 10,505,715 without Extreme Encryption.

5. Solved: The quantum computing hacking threat. Can't prove in a hurry that our Extreme Encryption™ is truly that strong, but the logic is compelling. Experience it. Try to hack it. Our U.S. Patent 10,505,715.

6. Solved: Better research -- Have the computer filter out poor search results. Experience it. Our U.S. Patent 7,433,893. [Searchable helps as example. OSV as higher level example.]

7. Solved: Pryvit strong encryption, held back for years because it was too strong. U.S. Patent 6,757,699, rights held by Franciscan University. Interesting to combine with later patents. Collaborators?

8. Under consideration: The ability to search / research encrypted content with total security.

9. Under consideration: Email system with a time-order history of email between confidants. The up-to-date history may be exchanged securely with each new email, and is precision searchable.

10. Under consideration: A proposed book or distance learning series on how to build a better search engine. Super-compressed bit trees and other insights from the original FindIt search engine, invented by Doug Lowry in 1984, and sold commercially 1985 to 1990. Selected insights from later inventions might be made available.

11. About us.

Plus Extreme Encryption

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  1. You have control of your files, your messages, your organization's knowledge base. No-one else has any access to your encryption keys, not even Marpex Inc.
  2. Our Automatic Keys system eliminates all the pain of key management.
  3. The solution is founded on a strong encryption technology with 2688 bit keys in the current version.
  4. When MarpX Extreme Encryption PKEs (Private Key Expanders) are added, the privacy solution becomes totally quantum resistant.
  5. The method can be scaled indefinitely so that it will remain fully quantum resistant well into the future.
  6. The technology can be applied to the Internet of Things.
  7. The technology has been published and source code can be made available to potential cybersecurity licensees.

The cybersecurity inventions by Marpex Inc. are intended as middleware to be included within the products of other firms, to improve their efficiency and security. To explore possibilities, please contact Steve Feher at 740 317-4847 or


Full Speed Ahead...

Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!

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Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits! describes in a light teaching style how MarpX Extreme Encryption™ challenges hackers and profoundly raises the costs of surveillance by authoritarian regimes.


If you stayed awake in your high school math classes, chances are by reading this book you can understand how this method can provide security for your organization and privacy for you.


The $9.99 ebook and the $15.99 print book present a challenge to everyone from cybersecurity professionals to undergraduate Computer Science students: Kick the tires, try out the software, see how it lives up to its audacious claims. For those who want technical detail, there are two appendices which describe the entire processes of encryption and decryption.


Cryptographers and Computer Science students: Chapter Four explains a neat way to remedy the key management problem. See here online the Table of Contents of Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits!


MarpX Privacy